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B-BBEE development:
WIMICO is BEE compliant with a current level 8 rating. More Info
JANUARY 31, 2014
Wimico was an exhibitor at the first bauma Africa at Gallagher Estate, Midrand, in September 2013
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SEPTEMBER 30, 2013
Wimico will be at BAUMA AFRICA 2013 from September 18 to 21 at Gallagher Estate Midrand.
JULY 31, 2013

Wimico has conducted thorough research into the effectiveness and applicability of chemical grouts, with their various resin systems for the stablilization and consolidation of jointed rock masses in faulted and fractured zones.

Originally developed for rock stabilization in coal mining the systems were extensively modified for shallow and deep level Gold, Platinum, Coal, Diamond and Copper Mines in South Africa and Neighbouring Countries.

Wimico introduced these systems to the South African Mining Industry in 1988 and has had a 100% success rate on all contracts awarded to them.

The chemical grouts and filling mediums proved to be superior to the conventional grouts and systems in the following applications:

  • Rock Stabilization and Consolidation
  • Development through Running Dyke's
  • Cavity Filling in Haulage's, X/Cut's, Drives, Orepasses, Stopes and all other underground excavations.
  • Ventilation Wall's
  • Fire Wall's
  • Border Wall's
  • Water Sealing